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So sweet.

Shortly after I graduated high school, I was just kind of living in my hometown, working and bumming around. I always had it with me, but in a different form containment each time. But during this time of work and play I inherited a Big Bubba Thermos, made mostly for people going camping or on long road trips. But I would carry this tankard everywhere I went, and it was full of sweet tea. I always drank sweet tea. My friend called it my security blanket.

And it was true. If such a situation arose that I should attend a gathering or person’s house which made me feel uneasy, I would always bring sweet tea: because that way I knew I would have at least one thing to do, and there would be at least one thing at the destination that suited my needs and pleased me.

No one to talk to? Drink sweet tea.

Nothing going on? Drink sweet tea.

Eventually I realized that it was impossible to clean the nooks and crannies of the complicated, air-sealed lid, and I would find little pockets of mold.

Thus Big Bubba was no more.

It was back to the most accessible form of containment. Newk’s and McAllister’s Deli were my favorite–big, plastic cups. Sometimes I would just bring a mason jar from home.

I don’t drink much sweet tea any more–mostly coffee.

But sometimes when I am to attend a friend’s house who I don’t know very well, and I feel uneasy about the situation, you might see me with a mason jar or Newk’s cup in hand.