The Foreigner

The Foreigner Ch. 4: Gone

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On with Chapter 4:

The next day, the fisherman puts another fish in the tank. He sits back and watches for a long time, but the fish and the creature just face each other, as before. It looks like staring, but the creature has no visible eyes.

Swimming. Swimming. What’s this? Where is food? Predator? No escape. Swimming. Swimming. No food. Predator not attacking. Not predator…. but… shiny…

Benny can not believe his eyes. He has never seen a fish stay still for so long–he had been sitting there for an hour, munching on chips in the old recliner chair, the previous pile of junk it held on the floor beside him.


This tank is getting bigger. The world is getting bigger. What are these shining lights?

“Jane!!” He remembers that she had gone out to set the boat up. He looks at the fish, and then the door.



Once the world was a simple place.

I swam. I ate.

Sometimes food was available. Sometimes it was not, and I would wait. That was pretty much the gist of it–a good, simple life.

Then I find out my world is but a small one inside another, greater, endlessly vast world of land-plants, great loping monsters that move around, their long hairy limbs swinging. It was them all along–feeding me, lighting me. I am but a small existence in their giant universe. Catapulted, I am, through weightless, fluffy water as strange islands of white mist twirl around me, envelope me, caress me, blow me away like a great gust of sea tide. I am but a leaf tumbling in a hopeless wind, waiting for the ground to hit. But something much bigger hits me. As the ground beneath me floats away, the whole planet becomes a glimmering little blue-and-white balloon, and I am overwhelmed by a glorious shining light. Its brilliance is awe-inspiring. I am struck, frozen, shocked like a bone-shaking epiphany, a symphony of spirit, a catalyst of evolution. It glimmers at me like a God, like a big warm mother shining down on me. And then, as I am filled with the warmth of my mother, as I wish for her embrace, I turn away from her and my heart explodes.

There is a universe of lights.

They march in a line; floating, dancing around the universe, filling its void, curving around eternity. I spin around with them; I dance… I am… but a light… a shining light in the sky…

Now forever is my home, the void is my friend, and the lights are my family…

I am…

“Gone. It’s gone!”

“Seriously, Ben? C’mon, let’s go eat.” She pats his arm as he gapes at the tank.

“You don’t understand, it was very bizarre. The fish was just staring at the creature…”

Jane gives him a big sigh.

“It ate the fish.”

“No, I’m tellin yeh, I was looking–“

“You must have looked away. Or blinked. Hell you’ve been staring at that tank for hours, you probably zoned out.”

“It didn’t eat it!”

She just sighs again and walks into the kitchen.

“It’s from the sea, Benny,” she calls over her shoulder. “It eats fish.”


3 thoughts on “The Foreigner Ch. 4: Gone”

  1. I like the way you envision what animals are thinking as humans interrupt their habitats and habits. Your language could be considered superfluous, but I really like your abstract perceptions.

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