Nanowrimo is comin’ up, ya’ll

I’m a Halloween person. I’m a Fall person. I LOVE the Fall, the cool breeze, the showers of leaves, and the spooky, other-worldly atmosphere that permeates our dreary, monotonous lives. But do you know what’s bad? I don’t have a Halloween outfit planned and I DON’T CARE. I’m looking straight through October into November. (I haven’t even thought about my birthday, which is also in October.)

If you don’t know, Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month (they also have several other writing programs such as Script Frenzie and the Youth Writing Program!) This is a free, interactive challenge where you attempt to write 50K words on ANYTHING in 30 days. This will be great for my blog, which I suppose is officially going to be prose-heavy for the next couple of months. Hopefully I can juggle editing The Foreigner during the writing frenzy that is November. Otherwise I will find ways to share my new Nano writings in November and continue editing in December.

Join me! If you even mildly like writing, Nano is like learning how to swim by jumping in the water. Marathon-writing works out all the kinks and digs out all the cobwebs. It’s a GREAT creative exercise and I have last November to thank for the existence of The Foreigner (I remember hurling out my last 5,000 words on the final day, just before the deadline. Sigh.) You can also meet a lot of really cool new people at the Nanowrimo meetups (and there is likely one near your city, because Nano’s are everywhere!)


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