Mind-to-Mind Computer Interface

So, I like to incorporate cool stuff I’ve heard of in my stories, especially sci-fi. I feel like life is kind of sci-fi right now. I mean, we have the prosthetic arm which directly connects to the brain via nerve endings on the severed limb, so the bionic human is basically a thing now. We have pocket computers and nano robots. And we also have a computer interface that can link two peoples’ minds (the one mentioned in Ch.2 of The Foreigner,) so that one user can control the motor functions of the other. Yeah, this really exists! As in… one guy thinks “I’m going to move my arms,” and the OTHER GUY’S arms move! Come on, guys. It’s the future.

I first heard about this watching Vsauce2 on youtube, which is full of mind-blowing inspirations, and tech that really makes my head spin. Check it out!

As always, thanks for reading!



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