Tarot Prompts

Intro to Tarot Prompts

Pretty cards

For the month of November, I will be posting an image of a tarot card and some additional information so that YOU, YES YOU, can stay inspired all month! Tarot cards are a great way to ignite some story fuel. Follow my blog to get your writing inspiration every day. My main reason for doing this is Nanowrimo, a.k.a. National Novel Writing Month, but of course you can feel free to use it for any inspiration that suits you. Here are some tips for making the most out of these prompts.

Things you can do with a tarot card prompt:

  • Just look at the picture and see what comes to mind! This is a great source of inspiration and requires no prior knowledge of tarot card meanings.
  • Let the card be an answer to a question about your story. First ask a question. Where is the plot going? What is the character’s greatest challenge? Now look at the card. How does the picture you see answer your question? Stretch your mind, the answers are endless!
  • Choose one small part of the picture to focus on. For instance, the picture might be a fantastic castle scene, but the mermaid sconce on the wall is really what got your attention.
  • Choose a symbolic aspect of the card, or look it up if you want to learn more. Most cards have traditional meanings and many levels of symbolism. They also relate to numerology, astrology, mythology, the Hebrew alphabet, Qabala, and more. All of these connections are more fuel for our fire!
  • Team up with a friend! When brainstorming, two minds are better than one. And with a group of people, the ideas you come up with will astound you.

Please feel free to comment or PM me for questions, comments, suggestions, etc!



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