Tarot Prompts

Day 8: A Moment of Chaos

Today I want to embrace the abstract. You don’t need pictures of people, animals, or recognizable items. Colors and shapes emit emotions. Lines suggest movement. Let the story slowly come into focus from the depths of your subconscious.

Of course, you could also squint at it and see if it looks like anything.

fire 3

The art you see is actually a math equation which creates a pattern called fractals. If you’ve never heard of them, check them out.

To purchase this amazing deck, called the Chaos Tarot, click here.

To see the author’s mind-blowing tarot spread, click here.

Happy traveling.


2 thoughts on “Day 8: A Moment of Chaos”

  1. I see the obvious, heat and energy, but also connections. As you look at the rods (?) coming from the center they fade out and then come back to life like they have connected with something or someone. Kinda like static electricity! It hides and waits until the energy is released when connecting to something.

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