Tarot Prompts

Day 28: Surrender.

Today’s post has some adult themes.

I’ve been thinking and reading about the feminine and how it is repressed or comes out in harmful ways in many peoples’ lives. And that brought me around to how we are or aren’t nurtured throughout our lives, and how that can ruin our understanding of nurturing as adults. I know nurturing isn’t strictly feminine, but we are focusing more on the feminine aspect of it. We are talking in archetypes here, so work with me, people.

Yes this is still a writing prompt! I asked four questions and drew a card for each using the Goddess Tarot. Pause for a moment and come up with your own answer before reading mine. In the first two questions, remember the differences between what we need, what we seek, and what we receive.

1. What kind of nurturing does your Character seek?

Goddess Tarot Ace of Wands Kris Waldherr

Romance writers! I really shouldn’t have to say anything about this. Ideally your character would seek the Ace of Cups, the ultimate feminine/receptive/comforting for the nurturing/healing. Instead they seek the Ace of Wands, which is the ultimate masculine, if you catch my drift. It’s a penis.

2. What kind of nurturing does your Character receive?

Goddess Tarot King of Swords Kris Waldherr

The King of Swords is tough, critical, and maybe even abusive. He is harsh, doesn’t take time to suss things out emotionally. What kind of nurturing would you receive from such a person? Oddly, a lot of people look for harshness in their nurturers because they want some form of abuse or criticism. Obviously this has a BDSM feel to it (not to compare BDSM to abuse. It’s just a question of is this sought out in a healthy way or no?) He would give your Character, er, a spanking, whether mentally or physically. Or both.

3. What relationship did your Character have with their mother?

Goddess Tarot Prince of Pentacles Kris Waldherr

The Prince of Pentacles is kind of a pampered young person. In the case of a Mother, it could be that the Mother pampered and spoiled her child. Or it could be that the Mother herself was kind of pampered and spoiled, and her child/ren didn’t respect her.

4. How does your Character look for nurturing in his/herself? (I will just say “she” for this paragraph.)

Goddess Tarot Prince of Cups Kris Waldherr

So the Prince of Cups is interesting because you have a character with a very broken sense of nurturing from her parents. She looks to sex to fill that gap. And she looks for a very stern and controlling male presence to make up for the parenting she didn’t have as a youngster. But there is a funny power play in BDSM (I’m just fully committing to this analogy now) where by submitting, she is giving herself power. And by submitting, she is, in a way, nurturing herself by allowing herself to go through trials and tribulations and possibly come out a more developed human being.

The Prince suggests youth and innocence. It’s interesting that both daughter and mother are Princes. But the daughter (Prince of Cups) has fully realized her emotions and is vulnerable in a nurturing way, while the mother (Prince of Pentacles) was immature in a narcissistic and selfish way.

What a story! I hope you found some inspiration in there somewhere. Oh! And someone else wanted to pop up and say hi.

Goddess Tarot 18 The Moon Diana Kris Waldherr

It’s Diana! Moon Warrior/Huntress! She blends masculine strength with feminine intuition. She is a nurturer AND a leader. I see her in this story as like a Cupid, but instead of giving the Character true love, she gives them a series of trials that will make them stronger and find the feminine warrior inside.

This deck was conceived and illustrated by Kris Waldherr.

That is all! Happy writing!


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