From the NEW Notebook: Hermit

Well, I’m doing it again, folks. I’m deviating from the old notes. This time… I just kind of felt like it. I am following the same format: I’ll pick apart all the symbols and then add further thoughts at the end. Thanks for reading! Find me on Facebook–occasionally I will do videos!

Pamela Colman Smith The Hermit

Cape–grey? self-critical? relate to Judgement card

Staff–usually a powerful magical wand, now in left hand and used for support.

Beard–wisdom from old age or experience, the acceptance of natural weaknesses: “I am not safe from old age, I am not safe from illness, I am not safe from death”

Star–guiding light, hope, faith, teachings

Star has 6 points— “as above, so below,” Star of David.

Lantern in R Hand–Making an active choice to follow his faith

*Notice the pointy mountains in the background are not where he is actually standing.

Mountains–White, suggesting cold. Solitude. Difficulties. No end in sight.
Height–also suggest heightened state of mind. Moses on the peak. Meditation.
Isolation–deprivation of desires, sense deprivation. Fasting.

Pose–Standing still, waiting, thinking

Expression–eyes closed, quiet, looking inward

Extra Thoughts!

The etymology is interesting here.

Instead of skimming over these words, I suggest you take each one in, say it very slowly, let it rest in your mind for a moment.
From “eremos“: “empty, desolate, bereft.”
From “eremia“: “a solitude, an uninhabited region, a waste”
From “eremite“: “a person of the desert.”

As someone who has spent a lot of time in solitude–meditating, daydreaming, or just being bored–I want to have a closer look at these words.

An uninhabited region–I feel like psychics and mystics are kind of like space pioneers. Going into the frontiers of the weird, the forgotten, and places others are afraid to explore.

Empty, bereft–Hermits find value in aestheticism. You know, there may have been a time when monks who live in solitude and meditate for hours and hours a day seemed very silly. Now, science has realized meditation is extremely valuable. There is something about finding value in things other people don’t value.

A Person of the Desert–I think the monk is not unhappy. To say he is enjoying himself might sound like he is indulging. But he looks down, calmly, focusing only on the next step. He isn’t looking at the entirety of his journey. If he did, he might go mad.

A waste“… really…

When I first started telling people–strangers–that I was studying tarot, I wasn’t chastised or condemned. I was laughed at. Taken aback, the person (usually a man around 30 or so) would say “You need to get out more.” Now… back me up, nerds and occultists. How do you figure my time is better spent getting black-out drunk at a club? Instead I could be studying ancient mysteries, or exploring the inner-workings of my own mind–my own existence! Always a puzzle to me.

Cheers, my friends!



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