A rant about intuitive astrology

Rant Time!

Hey ya’ll, it’s not very often that I get on here and just open up, especially about Tarot and other Divination Arts. But I have SOMM.

Many people think of these arts as very technical. Like any art, there is a technical side, but in essence it’s still a creative exercise. A reader’s style might veer more toward a text-book approach, or be totally free-form. Because it’s an art and not a science, there isn’t really a wrong way to do it.

Perhaps of all the popular Divination Arts, Astrology is the most daunting (Ok, maybe the I-Ching gets beyond that, and the Enochian Tablets but… you know what I mean.) People look at it and go “Math! Awww.” But I was just thinking about how you can (and should) still feel your way through Astrology. Especially nowadays when the agreed-upon structures keep changing. There’s sidereal versus traditional, Vedic versus Western, etc. And within Western, there are old meanings versus new meanings and added planets.

I feel like people want quick answers on several different levels:
1. The student just wants someone to tell them the “right” way.
2. The believer wants answers about their own lives… without doing their own work.
3. Skeptics want you to either prove it or dismiss it. (I love it when skeptics have approached me to get me to admit it isn’t real. Yep, I dedicated my life to tarot for no reason… )

But the answer to all of these is… it’s not that simple. The student must find their own way. No one can hand you all the answers, and often there is no right or wrong–just different. For the skeptic, even if I had a magic trick I could show you, you’d explain it away. And for the believer, well, sometimes you can get very straight-forward answers from Divination. But even so, without a background of introspection, those answers won’t mean much.

Don’t get me wrong. Personal exploration shouldn’t be an alternative to learning the technical, but rather a way to learn it. I love the technical aspect of the arcane! (I’m also really big into math, so that part of astrology just adds to the fun.) But I also feel that the whole point of a Divination Art is to feel it out. After all, isn’t intuition a very important aspect of Divination? This is how I got started into tarot. The fist classes I took were just about how to connect with the cards. For my learning style, if I hadn’t taken that step first, I might not have had the patience to then go and learn the history and the symbols. And when I did, it was learning within a group, through both books and conversation.

So, what do you think? Do you think these arts should be stringent to-the-book practices? Or an exploratory art form? Or both? (The old saying goes: ¿Porque no los dos?)

Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading!