Tarot Prompts

Day 22: Pixel Adventures


Even if you’re not a huge video game nerd, the art from this 8-Bit Tarot probably brings back some nostalgia for you. The style adds charm and simplicity to the original Waite-Smith, but it also reminds me of a strong theme in video games: Heroes and Quests. Video games and tarot both use archetypes: broad themes in life that are recognizable to every human being. (You’ve probably heard of the “Hero’s Journey,” an archetypal story progression that many movies, books, and games follow.)

So I’m going to blurt, or spit-ball, a plot as though it were a video game (A sidescroller, obviously) and maybe it will give you ideas for your story or maybe it can just be a fun creative exercise–you know, a side quest.

I’m reading left to right. The Moon is the only Major Arcana card, so I think it’s the most important theme. It represents mystery and the subconscious/other realm. Our hero has been transported here by some unknown means, or perhaps she is in a dream.

Every night, in her dreams, she is in this other world where she has to complete quests and fight monsters (or other heroes) and her nightly adventures parallel the problems she’s trying to solve in real life.

She gets to this location and immediately meets a King or authority of some kind. He sends her to check out this fountain that… doesn’t work anymore. It used to be plentiful and beautiful and heal everyone’s ailments, but it has stopped working.

She sees a path leading from the fountain toward a cave, and, heading that way, finds a group of people camped out there. She notices that they have stolen the lilies from the fountain, and they fight her for them. She wins! And then she takes the lilies back, puts them in the pond, and the fountain starts once again. The king pays her a ton of money and now she has to figure out what to do with it all.

Ok, your turn! You can use the picture above or seek another 5-card spread.

To create your own 8-Bit adventure, go to Tarot.com. Sign up for a free account (I’m not a sponsor) and you can get a free Daily Insights reading. Choose the 8-Bit as your deck and lay out the cards! Happy writing!