Tarot Prompts

Day 24: Fiery Ambition

The Chariot is the force of your character. The chariot itself isn’t real: it’s not a physical vehicle. Rather, it is the spiritual, mental, and emotional vehicle with which your character moves through life, or possibly carries out their mission. Take a moment to get acquainted with this image. Note the colors and shapes. Think of it literally. Think of it metaphorically.

Thoth Tarot Chariot

If you feel inspired and those words are itching to escape your fingers… what are you doing? Go write! But, if you want more prompting, let’s break it down.

Armor: How guarded versus vulnerable is your character? Some people are so guarded, they seem stand-offish or even hostile. Ironically, these people often have the most delicate vulnerable side–this is why they protect it so fiercely. Other people’s vulnerability is in full-swing: they have no barriers, and their emotions are always on the surface. Then there are those who are well-balanced. Their vulnerable side is well-developed and they are comfortable with it. Yet, they are capable of shielding themselves from others and of creating boundaries. It’s like a sliding scale where the shield gets smaller as the vulnerable side gets bigger and vice-versa. Where on the scale does your character fit?

Engine: What motivates them? How do they define success? We talked about chutzpah in an earlier post: What would really satisfy your character? I have always had an issue of the vision of success separate from moral purpose, or moral influence. People used to tell me “S/he is laughing all the way to the bank.” I always thought that was a useless way to disregard things they didn’t want to think about. Is your character realistic about their motives? Or are they in denial?

Wheels: How does your character get from point A to point B? What physical means such as money or resources; genetic traits such as good look or skills; or developed traits such as being clever or influential help them get to where they are going?

Creatures: What outside influences effects them? Do they listen to a mentor? To advice? Are they taking orders from someone? Are they acting on traditional beliefs from some religion or culture? Are they acting on family wisdom passed down to them? What outside voices are guiding them?

Maybe it’s late in the month for character development, but hey, sometimes you have to recenter yourself and remind yourself of how your characters tick.

Deck: Thoth Tarot

Author: Aleister Crowley

Artist: Lady Frieda Harris

For more esoteric/symbolic information on this card, click here.

Happy writing!