Tarot Prompts

Day 25: Lift Up Your Ideals, You Weaklings

Today’s image isn’t technically part of a tarot deck, but it is by a tarot artist (Pamela Coleman Smith.) I was rifling through her extra works and found this:

Pamela Coleman Smith

Pamela says:

“note the dress, the type of face; see if you can trace the character in the face”

“watch the simple forms of joy, of fear, of sorrow; look at the position taken
by the whole body”

(The title is also a quote of hers from the same article.)

So, looking at this picture, I came up with a little folk tale.

There was a council of angels in the spirit realm who were meant to oversee humanity and sometimes nudge humans along their paths. Over time, each angel developed his or her own ideals–a personal purpose close to the heart. But this started to cause discord among the council. They couldn’t agree on anything–only trying to represent their own aims.

Finally, they decided to descend upon one particular city and infuse the people, so that the people would act out the angels’ ideals. Then they could see how the people worked it out. Whichever people’s concerns won over all the others would be the ones the council upheld from then on.

However, the angels weren’t paying close attention to the city they invaded. It so happened that this city was wrecked with strife–its leadership was corrupt and it had just lost a chunk of the population to a virus.

The other problem with the angels’ plan was they were so detached from humanity that they couldn’t tell the sleeping from the dead. So, when the resting dead imbibed the angels’ concerns, they were also brought back to life.

HILARITY ENSUES. The dead came back to life. The Angels, embarrassed, went back up to the spirit realm. At first there was much alarm in the city because the dead were walking. But then those who had died were able to carry out some of their unfinished business. They were also each driven by the purposes of the different angels. Through some chaos and calamity, the purposes wind their way around to fixing many of the city’s problems. Eventually the angels had to come down and admit what they did.

Tell me–when all is said and done, do you think the dead should keep their new lives? Or humbly accept that they must go back to their graves?

The angels went back to the spirit realm and realized perhaps they should think a little more of the concerns of others, as well as embracing a little more chaos. They agreed they shouldn’t focus so much on their own concerns, and allow themselves to do some things without purpose. The angels continued to look over all humanity, but that city became a favorite of theirs.

The city became the heart of many legends, as angels sometimes walked the streets and all sorts of strange miracles happened there.

le fin.

(I would also like to imagine, for my own amusement, a death-metal version of that story, perhaps with a sound track and artwork to go with it.)