Tarot Prompts

Day 27: Food for Thought

There are certain superficial aspects of story-telling that I tend to forget. One of those things is food. I just don’t think about food. I often include some kind of coffee because it’s like a ritual for me, so I like to imagine my characters enjoying that same ritual. With Harry Potter, the food is kind of already provided but this might be a cue for me to get more creative with it.

For some people, food is a heavy subject. Whether due to an eating disorder or a diet they aren’t thrilled about, food isn’t all about joyful consumption. For me, food brings up a lot of concerns. Where did this come from? How does the company treat its employees? Are they eco-conscious? At the end of a long road of careful decisions, I can sit down and enjoy a meal. But this deck, with it’s bright colors and fun illustrations, strips all that away. In this deck, food is fun and also meaningful.

As far as writing goes, what does food mean in your story? Is food brought up very much? Are there foods unique to your story? Or is it all familiar fare? A reading with this deck could be very telling because what your characters eat–and what they don’t eat–says a lot about them.

Here are two three-card spreads: The top three cards are what your character LIKES. The bottom three cards are what they DISLIKE. Read these separately or come up with some creative combinations. Salad + ice cream = waldorf salad???

Candied carrots on a sundae perhaps?

It’s funny that we have two healthy meals and one very indulgent dessert. This person knows where to put all their bad decisions.

Looks like a three course meal to me!

Strange for one to like banana floats but not sundaes. Perhaps it’s just not ENOUGH without bananas? Does wine hurt their stomach? Does it make them think of haughty parties they don’t want to go to? I can’t imagine what someone would have against Chinese take-out. Perhaps they are allergic to MSG. Perhaps they are a real stickler for home-cooked food. OR they used to have obnoxious roommates who ate it all the time and left a mess, and the smell makes them feel panicky and they compulsively clean everything.

Deck: Food Fortunes

Author/Artist: Josh LaFayette


Happy writing!


Keep the Balance

There is this movie called “Once Upon a Time in Mexico” (a belated sequel to “Desperado”) where Johnny Depp’s character is a special kind of connoisseur. He only eats a specially-prepared slow-roasted pork, and he eats it at every restaurant that serves it.

My boyfriend, Alan, has a similar hobby. If he wants to try out a Mexican restaurant, he orders the Chile Relleno. It is his way of testing the restaurant–seeing if they’re any good. I often want to joke that if the Chile Relleno is too good, Alan will have to go shoot the cook (you have to see the movie.)

I have something like that. Since I am a shameless hipster, I frequent coffee shops. Other than the obvious reason, I enjoy the people and the atmosphere. If I had a signature drink, it would be a cortado. A cortado is 2oz of espresso and 2oz steamed milk. You can taste the espresso without it being too strong, and you can enjoy a little steamed milk without that bloated feeling you get after downing a whole 20oz latte.

There is one particular place in town where the cortado by far outshines all the others. Every coffee house within 10 miles is shamed by this cortado. But I don’t think I’ll shoot the barista. I think I’ll just drink there more often.

Cheers 🙂