From the Old Notebook: The Magician

Hi! These are notes on the Magician Card from my ancient-ass notebook (from 2008!) For more info, click here. Original notes are in black, additions and annotations are in purple.

PCS 01 Mag

Cup–water, emotions, chalice, vessel, womb

Sword–air, thoughts, studies, knowledge, symbols, language

Wand–fire, enthusiasm, energy, growth, spirit, instincts

Pentacle–earth, material, money, finances, time, results

The Magician–transformer, takes elements and produces something with will, creates

Stature–drawing down, channeling energy, “as above so below”

White headband & wand–concentration, single focus

Wand, two-headed–drawing energy from both physical and spiritual
(This is interesting to me. We often think of the Magician being all about bringing his/her desires into the physical. But we don’t usually see a relationship between the Magician’s physical and spiritual experiences–both effecting each other.)

Belt–transforming of old traits, shedding (hence, snake. Ouroboros.)

Red–passions & desires

Robe–personality that covers spirit within

White Undergarment–innocence, purity, divinity

5 Full Roses (along the top:) 5 senses here to educate us

Red Rose–again, desire. Also, magic, intent, and manifestation due to its relationship to the pentacle.

Lilies–knowledge of the universal laws and one reality. Subconscious. Intuition.

4 Lilies–four elements
(Not sure about this one. I suppose the Lilies do represent a reality that already exists, one that we can interact with, but that we can’t claim ownership of. Interesting how the Lilies and Roses are all tangled up in that case.)

Table–holds mental tools (more on this later!)

Lemniscate/Infinity Symbol–highest self, eternal life, Christ as a nature

*performing magic in nature

Notes from the future!

Something I would like to note is that the Magician first and foremost transforms himself. Look at how he holds the rod up to the air, like he might catch lightning, and then points his hand toward the ground. This means, for the energy to pass from above (the realm of possibility) to below (the realm of physical reality) it has to go through the Magician. And, did you know, getting struck by lightning can change you? Mind, body, and soul?

I was also thinking about the table. I do remember us discussing it way back when I took these notes, but I haven’t found an authority on the symbols along the side. The squiggles look like a mountain range. There seems to be a bird on the end, specifically, the dove from the Ace of Cups. The blog in between could be a lounging panther? Or perhaps a lion?

It occurs to me that if these images are snippets from other cards, it’s like all the experiences the Magician has had or will have in the journey through the tarot. And, because this is the table that holds the Magician’s tools, perhaps his knowledge and power are held up by experience.

Maybe these symbols aren’t super profound. Maybe the table is the mundane. After all, the mundane is where we exist, where things happen, and where we see the fruits of our efforts.

If you have found any theories on this table, send some links my way! I’d love to find more on this.