Tarot Prompts

Day 30! The final day!

Hi folks! I hope you all are finishing up the last of your 50,000 words today, unless you already did earlier in the month!

For today’s post I want to do a pretty simple one card prompt.

Raziel tarot the Moon

Deck: The Raziel Tarot (click to see more cards!)

Card: The Moon

Co-created by Robert M. Place and Rachel Pollack.

This tarot deck is based on old Jewish tales and Jewish mysticism. Robert’s explanation of this card is “Samael and Lilith guard the path.” Unfortunately I don’t own this deck and book set, so I don’t know very much about the story behind the card. After a quick read of this article and just using my intuition, here is what I came up with:

Guarded secrets.

Parts of ourselves we deny.

An outcast.

A haven amongst monsters.

Is anyone guarding secrets in your story? How dire are these secrets? And what lengths will your character go to in guarding them?

Is there a part of your character that they are denying? Locking away? Trying to obliterate?

Is anyone in your story an outcast? Why? Where do they find their haven?

This is my last tarot prompt for now! I had so much fun with this and it kept me inspired all month. More tarot projects are sure to come. In the mean time, I will try and post some of my story for Nanowrimo. Cheers everyone! And happy writing!

Tarot Prompts

Day 17: The Empress

Shining Tribe Empress

Deck: Shining Tribe

(If you like this deck, GET THE APP. Not a sponsor. Just a really great app!)

Card: The Empress

Author/Artist: Rachel Pollack

This picture looks like one of those goddess sculptures found in an archaeological dig. Looking at this image always makes me think the mountains look like her arms. Today, I realized not only is that true, but the planets are her eyes and the trees are her legs. She is the presence of nature, whether metaphorically or suggesting true sentience.

Does your story have an omnipresent consciousness? Does it have sentient plants, stones, or whole planets? What sort of spiritual sentient force might exist in your story, or what might your characters believe in? Something interesting to think about.

Create an object meant to represent an abstract concept like motherhood, nature, time, life, or death for your story.

What would future archeologists in your story find thousands of years after your current characters are gone? (Assuming your story doesn’t span thousands of years, which, maybe it does?)

Of course, you can always just look at the picture and see what comes to mind 🙂 Happy writing today!

Tarot Prompts

Day 13: Ace of Stones

It’s interesting to me that this is the suit of Stones (related to the element of Earth.) It looks more like a fiery wand to me. I certainly feel like it speaks of chutzpah (a usual trait of the suit of wands.) But Earth can be quite fiery. Our planet, as we know it, was born of fire, and rides on fire (it has a big fiery center, don’t forget.) Once earth is formed, it might seem like boring stone, but it came from molten lava. I think that formative heat is what we see in this card. So my question for you is this…

Shining Tribe Ace of Stones

What really cranks your character’s tractor?

What gets him/her UP in the morning?

I love the shock-waves coming from the base of this obelisk. Waves of cause and effect, intention, and consequences (whether good or bad.) The compass makes me think of being led by something, by your aims, your goals, your desires. This is not the compass of reason. This is the compass of mad-rush.

The dots lead from original chutzpah to various ventures and outcomes. We have bricks, made with earth, useful for many things. A cave, a natural phenomenon of the earth forming, filled with danger, or treasure, or used as shelter. And pyramids. I am currently playing a video game where you are an explorer and your ultimate goal is to find the golden pyramid.

What is your character’s golden pyramid? What compass do they follow? And what causes them to go for something without thinking twice? Is this a charming quality? Or a destructive one? I can’t wait to find out.

Happy Writing!

Deck: Shining Tribe

Author/artist: Rachel Pollack

Card: Ace of Stones

Tarot Prompts

Day 1: Tiamat

Hello! Welcome to writing prompts with tarot cards! Look at the card for a few moments, take in the shapes and colors, and START WRITING! For more on how to use this prompt, see previous post.

Tiamat shining tribe.png

Card: Tiamat

Deck: Shining Tribe

Author/Artist: Rachel Pollack

Myths and Lore

Tiamat was a Mesopotamian goddess representing a sort of cosmic primordial soup before there was “heaven” and “earth.” She could also be the actual primordial soup: the microscopic world that predated all life on Earth. She was both a river and a snake and held all the possibilities of existence. Click here for the whole story.

Some Ideas

  1. The rose makes me think of a passionate woman whose words spring forth a series of events that change everything around her
  2. The “primordial soup” reminds me of the realm of potential held within our minds. Explore the potential decisions and actions of your characters. Sway with them in a moment of indecision. What is swirling around in their heads?
  3. In Fantasy, you could take your characters to the realm of imagination or let them walk through dreams.
  4. In Sci-fi, someone could come upon an ancient temple which holds the code for all life.

Check back tomorrow for another prompt!