The Foreigner

The Foreigner will return in January!

Hello! If you are here, you may be one of a handful of people keeping up with my novella, The Foreigner. If so, thank you for reading and taking an interest!

On a personal note, I can’t complain that my family is going to Hawaii for Christmas (yay!) but it is a little stressful trying to get presents ready and prepare for travel. So, I have to put editing The Foreigner aside for now (there is A LOT of editing to do!) I do have the next few chapters outlined (the whole novel is written, but some of it is in a fantastically rough draft,) and I promise to keep posting once the New Year is behind us.

On another note, I have not gotten any comments about the Foreigner, so I tried my hand at the new Google Forms (even easier to use than I thought!) and made a little survey. It is only 5 quick questions, so if you have been reading, please follow the link and give me your input! Much appreciated!

Click here for the survey

Happy Holidays, and I will be reading/posting/connecting with you all in a couple weeks,